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Herbal Powder
Maintain your overall good health by taking enough diet, taking time for exercise and consuming herbal powder whenever necessary. Our company supplies Protein kids powder, Proto-She Powder, Protopik powder and other herbal powder.

Herbal Syrup
From Asthma Care Syrup, Shallaki Syrup to Giloy Syrup, find a variety of herbal syrups in this list. These syrups can be taken after consulting a professional to treat or cure any health issue.
Herbal Soap
Browse through a selection of herbal soaps to buy this skin care product in bulk for re-selling purpose. Based on the ingredients used and skin type, people can select the soap that will suit their skin. 
Herbal Cream
The company has created a collection of herbal creams meant to improve the health from the first day of application. The complete results from aloe vera face cream, gel cream, or herbal day & night cream can only be noticed after a long time of regular use.
Herbal Body Lotion
Give your skin the nourishment it deserves by applying Sovam herbal body lotion. This lotion prepared using all natural ingredients hydrates the skin and keep it moisturized for long.

Health Care Capsule
Explore our beneficial range of health care capsules. Pro memory booster capsules, Pro Somaxx capsules, height growth capsules are some of the capsules that control, prevent and treat several health issues.
Health Care Juices
Browse through the list of energizing health care juices made of natural ingredients, like jamun, gokhru, aloe vera, tulsi, giloy, to name a few. There are juices that can be given as a part of care regimen in case of diabetes, stones, addiction, etc.

Amla Juice With Flavors
Order amla juice, amla wheatgrass juice and other varieties of amla juice with flavors. The flavored amla juice is palatable for those who can not bear the bitterness of amla.

Diabetic Care Herbs
From juice, capsules to drops, the company produces a variety of diabetic care herbal products. These products are meant to support normal blood sugar levels. 
Immune Booster Herbs
In our range of immune booster herbal products, we have included juice and capsules, which can be taken everyday as per the instructions. The herbal products can be taken regularly to build and maintain a strong immune system.

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